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  • Transgender Kids in the News

    March 18, 2013


    In recent years, transgender rights have been becoming more and more a part of public consciousness. From laws disallowing discrimination in matters of housing and employment to growing rights around public accommodation such as being able to use bathrooms of one’s chosen gender, the needs of people who fall outside the gender binary are being acknowledged.


    Many transgender people become aware of their status at a very early age. Some children identify as the opposite gender than the one they were assigned at birth almost as soon as they begin to talk. For these children who know deeply who they are, the difficult part is often making those around them aware of their identity and needs. Some school districts have taken steps in the right direction, letting transgender children use their chosen name and gender on  forms and in classrooms, use the bathroom of their choosing, and not letting anyone know about the child’s assigned gender unless the child chooses to disclose it themselves.

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