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  • Sam Pizzigati considers what makes one society more ‘fun’ than another

    December 12, 2013


    In an article published on Moyers & Company, veteran labor journalist and author of The Rich Don’t Always Win, Sam Pizzigati discusses a recent study by World Bank economist, Branko Milanovic. This insightful and refreshing study, Pizzigati tells us, has unveiled “a new yardstick for human progress” – one that measures the “funness” of a society. Using this “cross-national international index,” Milanovic compiled a list of ten fundamental factors that keep the good times rolling. These factors range from the obvious to the jaw-dropping.

    Do you want to find out what makes a society “fun” to live in? Read Sam’s article here to learn more about this fascinating and potentially groundbreaking study.

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  • “The Other Labor Struggle”

    “The Other Labor Struggle”

    May 6, 2011

    "“It is simply unacceptable that a U.S. woman giving birth today has a greater chance of dying than her mother did,” Gaskin concludes, noting that while anecdotes about maternal mortality are widely available, most states fail to collect data about women who die in childbirth. Indeed, Gaskin’s outrage is palpable as she reports that only six of the 50 states require hospitals to report deaths during childbirth to the Centers for Disease Control. Change is clearly needed. Can anyone concerned with perpetuating the human race possibly disagree?"

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