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  • Women’s ENews features excerpt from The Unfinished Revolution

    September 26, 2012

    Women’s ENews featured an excerpt by Judith Sunderland, from the collection of essays The Unfinished Revolution, this past weekend. While many of us can agree that it is a human rights violation to force women to cover their head and face with a veil, few have thought about the other side of the coin. According the Sunderland’s excerpt:

    “The sad irony is that whether they are being forced to cover up or to uncover, these women are being discriminated against. Banned from wearing the hijab–a traditional Muslim headscarf–or forced to veil themselves, women around the world are being stripped of their basic rights to personal autonomy; to freedom of expression; and to freedom of religion, thought and conscience.”

    Sunderland’s article explains that although some European countries see banning veils as a means of liberation, it is yet another form of dictating how a woman will not only dress, but how she will represent herself and her religion, if she so chooses.

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