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  • Austerity for average Americans, prosperity only at the top: Must the rich always win?

    April 25, 2013

    Sam Pizzigati Book Talkpizzigati_crdt_fredsolowey
    Thursday, April 25 @ 7pm
    First Church JP, 6 Eliot St
    Boston, MA

    Sam Pizzzigati will be at the First Church of Jamaica Plain in Boston on Thursday, April 15th to discuss how a century ago, just like today, the wealthy dominated the country’s politics and economy, and how over the course of 50 years, the middle class won. Sponsored by Jamaica Plain Forum, Dollars & Sense, United for a Fair Economy, and Class Action, Sam will be discussing his book by Q&A and a book signing. 

    hosted a super-rich even more domineering than ours today. Yet fifty years later, that super-rich had almost entirely disappeared. Their majestic mansions and estates had become museums and college campuses, and America had become a vibrant, mass middle class nation, the first and finest the world had ever seen.

    Americans today ought to be taking no small inspiration from this stunning change.

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  • Ralph Nader challenges Green Party, liberal progressive movement

    Ralph Nader challenges Green Party, liberal progressive movement

    November 10, 2009

    From the Jamaica Plain Gazette's report on Ralph Nader's October 30 appearance at the Jamaica Plain Forum: In a question-and-answer session, Nader even fenced briefly with Jill Stein, co-chair of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party. He had suggested that the Green Party’s meager fund-raising indicates its members are “concerned” but “not serious.” “Just to let you know, the Green-Rainbow Party is getting serious,” Stein said, pointing to such items as a voting-reform ballot initiative the party worked on this year. The party was unable to get the initiative on the ballot this year, but is targeting it for next year. “Would a quarter-million [dollars] have put that on the ballot?” Nader asked. When Stein said it would have, Nader replied, “Thanks for making my point.”

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