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  • Leora Tanenbaum on Phoebe Prince and Hope Witsell

    Leora Tanenbaum on Phoebe Prince and Hope Witsell

    April 13, 2010

    I am curious to know: why has [Phoebe] Prince's death elicited a far stronger reaction than [Hope] Witsell's? Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has even stepped in, berating school officials for not protecting Prince. Meanwhile, to date no one has so strongly pointed a finger at school administrators at Witsell's school, nor have there been criminal charges brought in her case. This doesn't make sense. Both girls were victimized similarly. Both deaths are tragic. Both girls deserve the same outcry of anger and horror. Why does Prince's suicide resonate so much more than Witsell's? Because Prince, 15, more neatly fits the stereotype of a sympathetic "good" victim while Witsell does not. — Leora Tanenbaum

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