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  • An Interview with Activist Stephanie McMillan

    September 18, 2013

    Henry Chamberlain’s recent interview with cartoonist Stephanie McMillan gives insight to her passion for both activism and comics to make the world a better place. McMillan describes how postmodernism ideology has impaired our ability to fight against capitalism, an enemy that society should try to overthrow. Click here to read the full interview: Stephanie McMillan and Activism in Comics.

    HENRY CHAMBERLAIN: Stephanie, thank you for doing this interview. You are an activist, a journalist, and a cartoonist. You have created significant work, like “The Beginning of the American Fall,” which gives readers an inside look at how the Occupy movement came into existence. You have an ongoing comic strip, “The Minimum Security Chronicles,” that combines humor and discourse on being an activist. Your background is very interesting. You studied film and animation and you’ve always been an activist. Would you give a look at how you came to use words and pictures?

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