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  • Leora Tanenbaum: Do women make better bosses?

    Leora Tanenbaum: Do women make better bosses?

    August 4, 2009

    From Leora Tanenbaum — author of Slut!, Catfight and the forthcoming Head Over Heels (Spring 2010) — comes this piece from the New York Times, in response to the question of whether women make better bosses than men: Yes, countless female managers are great at making lists and sure, lots of men love to hear the sound of their own voices — endlessly. But none of this behavior matters if it’s accompanied with a denial of the continued existence of sexism in the workplace. Consider: Women are routinely undervalued and assumed to lack competence. Successful men don’t have to worry about when and if to become parents; successful women do. Men earn more and are promoted more. Troublingly, many individual women who make it to senior management refuse to acknowledge these very real conditions. They position themselves as uniquely and unusually qualified, implicitly belittling other women in a move to prove their own superiority.

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