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  • Humor in a Cruel World: Interview With Author Luis Negrón

    September 17, 2013

    Mundo Cruel -- Luis NegronSeven Stories author, Luis Negrón, recently did an interview with The Short Form about his story collection, Mundo Cruel. During the interview, Negrón discusses his book, his writing style, how he spends his time, and his suggestions for readers and writers. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

    Interviewer: Despite the title of the book, Mundo Cruel, there’s a lot of humor in your collection. “We’ve learned how to survive and be happy no matter what” is what you’ve said of the gay culture we find in your stories. On the other hand, there’s a great deal of cruelty in your essay “The Pain of Reading,” it’s almost like a prelude to your collection, would you agree?

    Negrón: Yes, this essay probably is the background to Mundo Cruel. For the boy in the essay to survive he needs to adapt to his misery. That is why I say we have learned how to be happy no matter what.

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