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  • Madiba A to Z Release Party with Danny Schechter

    December 2, 2013


    Madiba A to Z Release Party
    Monday, December 2nd  6pm-9pm
    99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor 
    New York, NY 10016 

    Anant Singh, Producer, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
    Dan Simon, Publisher, Seven Stories Press
    Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
    Neville Roy Singham, CEO, Thoughtworks
    Donna Katzin,  CEO, Shared Interest
    Tsidi Le Loka, Star of Lion King
    Omoyele Sowore, CEO, Sahara Media

    Invite you to celebrate the publication of Danny Schechter’s

    Madiba A to Z: The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela

    A clip of Danny Schechter’s 1990 film Mandela in America will be shown and Tsidi Le Loka will perform. A book signing will follow. Light refreshments will be served

    RSVP to

    A completely unique biography and thematic telling of the story of Nelson Mandela, Madiba A to Z draws on Danny Schechter’s forty-year relationship with Madiba, as he is known in his native South Africa. Each chapter of this unique portrait corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, and the letters cover unexpected and fascinating themes in Mandela’s life and his impact on others: Athlete, Bully, Comrade, Forgiveness, Indigenous, Jailed, Militant, and President, to name a few.

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  • Moroccan writer Abdellah Taïa screens his debut film Salvation Army at the Toronto International Film Festival

    September 11, 2013

    Salvation Army is an important new film that tackles race, religion, poverty, and homosexuality. Congratulations to director Abdellah Taïa on his important cinematic achievement!

    From the Toronto Film Festival’s website:

    Inspired by his own autobiographical novel, the rapturous debut feature from Moroccan writer Abdellah Taïa is a story of coming of age, folding and unfolding with love, pain, desire, and violence.

    This film is structured in a diptych: the first episode chronicles Abdellah’s (Said Mrini) teenage years, when he comes to understand, all at once, his sexuality, social codes, inhibitions, the brutality of patriarchy, and the cruelty of poverty. The second half follows the young adult Abdellah (Karim Ait M’hand) as a penniless university graduate who travels on a scholarship to Geneva, where he must negotiate the treacherous sexual, racial, political, and social trappings of being a young homosexual Moroccan in Europe.

    With sparing dialogue, stunning painterly cinematography by Agnès Godard and perfectly pitched emotional charge, the film pays homage to both French master Robert Bresson and to the godfather of Egyptian realism, Salah Abu Seif.

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  • Clayton Patterson Presents: 3 Films in One Week

    August 8, 2013

    Riot poster eric foss-1Tuesday, August 6
    7:00 PM 
    Anthology Film Archives,  2nd Ave & 2nd Street

    Clayton Patterson’s life took a dramatic turn on the night of August 6-7, 1988, when he videotaped the Tompkins Square Park police riot, becoming the owner of the only concrete account of what really happened that night. During this riot, the NYPD clashed violently with protesters and park dwellers for hours; their actions resulted in the filing of over 100 complaints of police brutality.

    Patterson’s footage was crucial evidence in the investigations and legal proceedings that followed the riot (though he was arrested and jailed for refusing to hand over his tape), and yet despite the tape’s infamy, few have actually seen it. Now you can!

    Clayton Patterson will also be there to present the screening in person.

    Thursday, August 8
    7:00 PM
    New Museum Theater, 235 Bowery

    This evening will include short documentaries on art, performance, and popular struggle in the Lower East side by Clayton Patterson, including an excerpt from “Tompkins Square Park Police Riot August 1988.” The videos will be followed by a discussion with Patterson.

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  • NYC Screening of Agent Orange Documentary: “The Tale of An Phuc House”

    June 17, 2013

    UPDATE: The Tale of An Phuc House won Best Documentary!

    The Tale of An Phuc House, a powerful documentary about Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, has been nominated for Best Documentary at the New York City International Film Festival (June 13-20).

    The Tale of An Phuc House is a powerful glimpse into the everyNYCIFF logoday lives of twenty disabled children – third generation victims of the Agent Orange warfare that occurred during the Vietnam War (1963-1973). An inspirational video tale about pride, dignity and love;  a story of a man who dedicates his life to the well-being of his adopted family;  a story of twenty exceptional young adults, whose disabilities brought them together under one roof; a story about ordinary people living  extraordinary lives despite their unfortunate physical conditions.”–

    The documentary will be screened at the Producer’s Club Theater at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 17. Produced by Canada’s Babel Entertainment in association with Vietnam’s Crea-TV, and directed by Ivan Tankushev, it competes with four other documentaries for the coveted title.

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  • Mickey Huff giving talk on media censorship and Fukushima in Berkeley

    Mickey Huff giving talk on media censorship and Fukushima in Berkeley

    September 23, 2011

    Mickey Huff, author of Censored 2012, will be giving a talk on media censorship and its relation to the nuclear industry after a screening of the film The Battle of Chernobyl.

    The event will take place at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists on Friday, September 23rd at 6pm.

    BFUU meets at the Fellowship Hall at:

    1924 Cedar Street

    Berkeley, CA 94709

    510 841-4824

    For more information, check here!

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  • Paul Verhoeven on Jesus of Nazareth

    Paul Verhoeven on Jesus of Nazareth

    April 1, 2010

    ... The book is a beginner’s guide to the Gospels. It also has your personal theory of Jesus as a cross between Che Guevara and Bertolt Brecht. I would say the parallel is slightly there with Che Guevara, but of course Che Guevara’s ethics are different than Jesus’. And if I compare him with Brecht, that is only in the way Brecht has tried in his work to keep distance, to avoid the identification that happens in American movies, where for the pleasure of the audience you can identify with the hero or the heroine. And I think the parables Jesus invented and spoke follow a little bit more Brecht than, say, Hitchcock. — Paul Verhoeven, to the Willamette Week

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  • Paul Verhoeven on Jesus of Nazareth

    Paul Verhoeven on Jesus of Nazareth

    February 4, 2010

    From an interview at Cinema-Scope with Robert Koehler, from just after the 2006 release of Paul Verhoeven's film The Black Book: ... You had this strange encounter with Pentecostal Christianity. How did that happen, and how did your reaction to that experience prompt your concern for reality and even hyper-reality? My then-future wife Martine got pregnant in 1966, and we didn’t want a child at the time. I was just starting my film career, and the prospect of an unplanned child might force me to abandon film at least temporarily. To a large degree, it was disturbing: during that period, I had a sense that I was losing my mind. I wouldn’t say a psychosis, but it felt close to that. My response was to become a member of a Pentecostal church, for a month. It was an existential need. This wasn’t common in Holland in the ‘60s... This encounter with spiritual, mystical Christianity had an enormous impact on me.

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