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  • Keep the Arctic cold: A letter from Subhankar Banerjee

    May 17, 2013

    Subhankar Banerjee, a leading international voice on issues of arctic conservation, indigenous human rights, resource development and climate change, recently shared some important updates about the future of drilling in the Arctic and President Obama’s recent endorsement of it:

    I wrote a letter to the editor as a follow up to the generous reviewIn the Beautiful,Threatened North” by Ian Frazier in The New York Review of Books of the anthology, Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point that I edited. My letter, “Can Shell Be Stopped?  has just been published in the New York Review.
    After the June 6 issue (with my letter) went to the printer a few significant things happened that relate to the letter that I’ll mention here briefly.
    On May 10, the White House published a 13-page document, “National Strategy for the Arctic Region.” It opens with a one-page introduction by President Obama.

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  • GREAT News: Shell abandons Alaska offshore drilling efforts until next year

    September 18, 2012

    Shell has been forced to abandon its offshore drilling efforts in the Chukchi and Beafort Seas due to a series of setbacks. The most recent setback involves problems with the oil containment barge, the Arctic Challenger. While held up by the US coastguard in Bellingham, Washington, the vessel was cited for illegal fluid discharge. Although Shell will continue to drill top holes, they will be unable to drill to any oil deposits. 

    The L.A. Times reports:

    “Shell Alaska said Monday it has abandoned its efforts to drill into hydrocarbon deposits in the offshore Arctic after the latest in a series of glitches on the company’s troubled oil containment barge resulted in damage to the high-tech dome designed to contain oil in the event of an underwater spill.

    Company officials said they will continue to drill “top holes” off the Alaskan coast through the end of this season’s drilling window, but will not attempt to reach any oil deposits this year — a serious but not fatal setback for the company, which has spent six years attempting to explore its outer continental shelf leases off the coast of Alaska.”

    Read the full article at the LA Times.

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