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  • What Makes A Baby helps describe the ‘birds and bees’

    September 9, 2013

    The Telegraph, the popular UK based newspaper, ran a story titled, “How to talk about the ‘birds and bees’ with your child in the 21st century,” by Dr. Petra Boynton, detailing available resources to help parents talk to their kids about sex.

    Dr. Boynton goes through a variety of tips to remember before the talk, how to begin the talk, comfortability on different subject matters, concerns, and teachable moments. During which she gives a list of ‘useful resources,’ which list’s first, our favorite resource, What Makes A Baby, by Corey Silverberg.

    Dr. Boynton says, “Your library is often a good source of relationships books for children and teens (plus parenting texts) as are the following websites/ organizations. What Makes A Baby is a great conversation resource for parents with young children.”

    The article’s insightful tips help parent’s feel more at ease when discussing sex with their kids, and resources like What Makes A Baby, adds a fun yet touching and honest portrayal of human life.

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