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  • The Voice of Hope reviewed in Foreign Policy Journal

    The Voice of Hope reviewed in Foreign Policy Journal

    June 23, 2009

    Given Aung San Suu Kyi's recent trial, the seemingly-inevitable illegal extension of her house arrest (which has been going on intermittently since 1989), and the possibility of her spending yet another term as a political prisoner in Insein Prison, it's important not to forget that despite the Burmese government's ability to keep Daw Suu Kyi physically under lock and key, her voice and her political ideas are still at large, still at work in the world. From David Calleja of the Foreign Policy Journal in his review of Daw Suu Kyi's book, The Voice of Hope: In the process of unravelling Daw Suu Kyi’s deepest thoughts, [interviewer Alan] Clements uncovers a defiant individual that will not be intimidated by weaponry in the hands of authority, while uncovering the keys to life; love for humanity, education and an open heart. . . . The appeal of the dialogue is that Daw Suu Kyi’s answers to some of Clements’ lengthy questions and points are presented plainly and with fervour as if addressing a crowd of tens of thousands of her supporters. There is no place for political spin within these pages, which enhances the readability. . . . Alan Clements has presented us a manual for life that crudely tells that the developed and most powerful leaders on the planet to stop waiting idly by for a miracle to occur without hard work. This book is the catapult that will launch individuals into taking immediate action.

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