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  • Linh Dinh: “Welcome to the Collapse”

    Linh Dinh: “Welcome to the Collapse”

    January 7, 2011

    "The spinmeisters are playing the same record over and over, recovery, recovery, scratch, scratch, recovery’s in da house! . . . With its attendant social chaos, crime and despair, the country is sinking into an economic quicksand, yet Americans are injected daily with a massive dose of tranquilizing nonsense . . . The collapse will not be televised. Ignored and alone, each of us will experience it singly. As blemish and accusation, you will be photoshopped from the American Dream group portrait. The lower you slip, the more invisible you will be. The disconnect between what's real and what's broadcast will become even more obscene by the day." - Linh Dinh, author of Love Like Hate

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