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  • Pakistani and Indian Independence Days

    August 15, 2013

    Today marks Pakistan and India’s 67th year of independence from oppressive British rule and the day Pakistan and India formed separate, sovereign nations. As we celebrate their independence, we also remember with sadness the partition’s bloody aftermath. Religious tension between Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus came to a head in violent riots that killed an estimated half million people. The partition’s legacy affects the neighboring countries’ relationship to this day and they have fought three major wars since 1947.

    Always at the forefront of social justice, ideological clashes, and international studies, Seven Stories has many titles (and forthcoming titles!) relating to Pakistan, India, and religious conflict. A selection:

    India Divided: Diversity and Democracy Under Attack by Vandana Shiva

    Shiva analyzes India’s potential nuclear conflict with Pakistan, the rise of fundamentalism within its own borders, and the very real threat of mass famine and economic enslavement of its citizens to the forces of globalization.

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  • World Refugee Day

    June 20, 2013

    Today is World Refugee Day, a day meant to bring awareness to the roughly 15 million refugees and 45 million forcibly displaced people currently worldwide. These figures are the highest since 1994. The Syrian crisis is a significant contributor to the escalating numbers, with Syria the fifth highest source of refugees in 2012. The U.N. estimates that 3.5 million people will have fled Syria by the end of 2013. Four-year-old Shahad, a Syrian refugee now living in Lebanon, has become the U.N.’s face of Word Refugee Day.


    In September 2012, a bomb destroyed Shahad’s home in the city of Hama and two of her siblings were killed. Her family fled to Lebanon where they now live in a half-constructed building shared by 650 other refugees.

    Shahad’s father worries for his daughter, saying “She has seen fighter planes, artillery, missiles. There is nothing she has not seen.”

    Children under the age of 18 make up approximately 46% of the world’s refugees–a conservative estimate when considering new births that go unrecorded.

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  • Haifa Zangana: Urgent appeal against the execution of nine Iraqi women

    Haifa Zangana: Urgent appeal against the execution of nine Iraqi women

    August 4, 2009

    From Haifa Zangana: On July 29 and 30, a delegation organized by the group “Woman Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq” delivered an urgent appeal to a number of Arab League countries through their embassies in London. They were received by diplomats in Syrian and Qatari embassies and by officials in the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian embassies. Copies of the appeal were sent to members of the British and European parliaments and to American human rights organizations. The appeal is for an urgent intervention to stop the imminent execution of nine Iraqi women. The letter, in Arabic, is translated below in English: Sir, We appeal to you regarding an urgent humanitarian issue: the imminent execution of women in Iraq. The death sentences on the women have been issued in the exceptional circumstances still generally described as "the war in Iraq." The latest we know in this regard is the urgent appeal made on 23d July 2009 by Amnesty International to stop the execution of nine Iraqi women. International human rights and civil society organizations do not accept that Iraqi courts can, in the current conditions, guarantee justice and fairness. This is especially the case following widespread evidence that some of the prisoners, including these women, have been tortured. For more information, visit

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