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  • Chris Howard blogs on Tea of Ulaanbaatar at Kindle Daily Post

    Chris Howard blogs on Tea of Ulaanbaatar at Kindle Daily Post

    June 28, 2011

    Mongolia – the setting for my novel, Tea of Ulaanbaatar – traveled the path of the Society as War Machine, and emerged the worse for the experience. What Mongolia offers is a dire lesson for those who would travel in her empire-building footsteps, and a glimpse of America’s future. . . . The American Peace Corps volunteers of Tea of Ulaanbaatar, foremost the protagonist Warren, deal with this parallel in a variety of bad ways. The Gulf War lies behind them, and America’s contemporary wars loom ahead. They ultimately turn to the blood-red, hallucinogenic Mongol tea, Tsus, as a means of escape. The tea, more powerful than anything the West has ever seen, grants its long-term users the same visions of a warlike apocalypse, as if to say: To be consumed. To wither and deaden. This is what comes from empire-building. What are you going to do about it? At least the Mongols can say they didn’t have the benefit of history in their policy-making.—Christopher R. Howard, at Kindle Daily Post

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