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  • Do You Dream in Color: The Story Behind the Title

    October 22, 2013

    We have all heard the expression, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but what about Rubin_by_Jennifer_Taira_72dpia books title? Book titles can intrigue, inspire, and inform a reader about a book with just a few simple words. As for Laurie Rubin’s book, Do You Dream in Color? Insights from a Girl Without Sight, the title is an important part to the story and reading experience as a whole.

    Here, Laurie shares some inside information about choosing her book, and song, titles:

    Book titles are incredibly important.  They capture in a nutshell what a reader is about to get themselves into, what world they will be in for the next several hours, days, weeks, months whenever they pick up a given book.  I chose the title, “Do You Dream in Color?” because it was the question people have asked me from time to time.  I think it’s such an interesting question for people to ask because I think of dreams as something you are living, not something you’re watching through a  television screen.  

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