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  • Celine Curiol vs. Arshid Azarine at Barbes in Brooklyn

    Celine Curiol vs. Arshid Azarine at Barbes in Brooklyn

    November 17, 2011

    Celine Curiol vs Arshid Azarine will be at Barbès in Brooklyn on November 17th 2011 at 7p.m.  The event will include spoken word French/English poetry or texts of Celine Curiol transposed with piano compositions and improvisations of Arshid Azarine. After a decade infusing in New York, French author Celine Curiol returned to Paris where she met Franco-Iranian pianist and composer, Arshid Azarine. After experimenting with the interplay between music and language, rhythm and rhyme, they launched a collaboration that combined Curiol’s French and English-language poetry with Azarine’s musical compositions and improvisations. The result is a project that stands at the crossroad of western performance poetry and the Iranian tradition of “declameh”.

    Celine Curiol is the author of three novels, including “Voice Over” (Seven Stories Press, 2008), which novelist Paul Auster has praised as “one of the most original and brilliantly executed works of contemporary fiction.”

    Arshid Azarine is the leader of the Paris-based “multi-kulti” jazz band Azarine 6.

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