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  • A letter from Ralph Nader on the publication of his new book of columns, Told You So

    June 18, 2013


    Told you so.

    Some might deem it celebratory to utter this phrase, as if one is boasting about their own clever foresight. But when it comes to serious matters — matters that affect millions of people, their jobs, their health, and their livelihoods, there is no satisfaction in being right about predicting bad conditions. It’s much better to predict good news. But as it now stands in our country, many problems that emerged years ago have developed into sheer catastrophes, despite the many warnings of forward-thinking experts, scholars and observers.

    Disturbingly, those of us who saw the warning signs and called attention to the storm clouds on the horizon are routinely ignored or even chastised, while the blatant war mongers, the misleaders, the defrauders and the corporate apologists are given ample TV/radio time and space on op-ed pages to promote their wrongheaded views. What kind of nation prosecutes whistleblowers for telling the truth, while the perpetrators of blatant, criminal actions by governments and corporations continue to walk free and enjoy the fruits of their shameful actions?

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  • David Swanson on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

    David Swanson on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

    October 9, 2009

    From Daybreak author David Swanson, on the subject of Barack Obama's being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning: What a sick, sick joke. . . . Please stop telling me that the way to get Obama to actually work for peace is to cheer for him having received a peace award as a war monger. I respectfully find this well-intentioned and counterproductive. We can't influence a president and shouldn't want power to rest with a president. This takes us away from forcing the House to cut off the money for the war, which is the best chance we have. Not to mention the little glitch that Obama has not done anything to celebrate. Protesting a war-making president is bad enough. Celebrating him and pretending he's peaceful is beyond pathetic. I get that it's intended as strategic and smooth and taking advantage of big news and so forth. But intentions don't save lives.

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  • Erna Paris in the Globe and Mail: Obama must appoint a special prosecutor

    Erna Paris in the Globe and Mail: Obama must appoint a special prosecutor

    May 7, 2009

    Without clear accountability for state-instigated crimes committed in the name of the American people, Mr. Obama will be seen as lacking the moral fibre for which he is admired internationally. He will be seen as facilitating the impunity of the powerful, as having backed down on the substantive change he promised. The "Yes we can" shouted so loudly by so many Americans included the restoration of their country's reputation as a place where law rules and human rights are respected. For the full article, check here.

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