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  • Reading and discussion with Daniella Gitlin, translator of Operation Massacre, and Daniel Balderston, director of the Borges Center

    September 26, 2013

    Thursday, September 26th @ 7pm
    City of Asylum/Pittsburgh
    324 Sampsonia Way
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212

    Celebrate the publication of the first English translation of Operation Massacre with translator Daniella Gitlin, who will be in conversation with University of Pittsburgh professor of Hispanic Languages and Literatures Daniel Balderston on Thursday, September 26th at 7pm at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh.

    Operation Massacre, by Argentine journalist Rodolfo Walsh, is a detailed account of the night of June 9th, 1956 when twelve men in a Buenos Aires suburb were arrested on suspicion of conspiring against the military government, and were taken to a garbage dump on the edge of the city and executed. Seven of the doomed men survived and Walsh tracked them down and tells their stories of that fateful night.

    Walsh went on to publish four versions of the book in Argentina and worked tirelessly to seek justice for the men who were killed and to speak out against the military regimes that destroyed so many lives.

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  • Peter D’Errico Explains the Roots of Rodolfo Walsh’s “Operation Massacre”

    August 13, 2013

    Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 10.21.10 AMIn an August 7 article for Indian Country Today Media Network, Peter D’Errico calls Operation Massacre  “a work of history and a call to conscience.” “It is a warning,” he says, “and even a prophecy of what happens when government cuts itself off from human rights and embarks on an effort to remake society in the name of some “higher” purpose, whether that is right or left, religious or secular.”

    D’Errico walks us through the history that provided for Walsh’s book, beginning with the overthrow of the elected government of Juan Peron in Argentina, which led to dictatorship and “dirty war” throughout the 1970′s and 1980′s. Following the overthrow, “anyone associated with socialism or Peronism was a target for kidnapping, torture, and “disappearance.”" 

    In 1956, Peronists in the Army and civilians put together an uprising against the dictatorship, but were crushed within 24 hours. Within that day, the police force rolled out a secret plan to kidnap and murder a group of men that were suspected of involvement in this uprising.

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  • Interview with Ezequiel Adamovsky, author of Anti-Capitalism

    Interview with Ezequiel Adamovsky, author of Anti-Capitalism

    June 24, 2011

    "Initially, the idea came to my mind in 2002. At that time, after the rebellion of December 2001 in Argentina, I was very much involved in the neighbors' Assemblies movement . . . Most people had the feeling that the old Left had little to offer. And yet, they were craving for radical ideas and actions. There was the sense that we were building a new kind of movement, but there were no ideas, concepts or doctrines to name it . . . Even if activists in Europe and the US immediately felt that the Argentinean rebellion was part of a global phenomenon, people in Argentina, initially, had almost no idea that similar movements were taking place elsewhere, and that other people were already discussing the same problems and having to face similar political challenges. I felt that I had the responsibility to communicate all those ideas to the people who were struggling with me in the streets." --Ezequiel Adamovsky

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