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  • Resource Wars Connect Yanomami Massacre and Shell’s Arctic Drilling

    September 4, 2012

    Check out Subhankar Banerjee’s latest piece on the enormous costs of resource wars, from Climate Storytellers.

    “It has been a painful day for me. Two pieces of news came in this morning: one about the massacre of an Yanomami settlement in the Amazon, and the other about Obama green lighting Shell’s drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Both are about resource wars that lead to killing—humans and/or animals, fast or slow, one to get gold, and the other to get oil.

    On August 30, the Obama administration gave Shell the green light to begin drilling in the Arctic Ocean—Beaufort and Chukchi Seas of Alaska.

    Here is the key concern: the Obama administration, Shell, and the media are all focused on minutiae to distract the public from the real issues, which at its most basic is the fact that the administration has not done an Environmental Impact Statement on the Arctic Ocean drilling, and no one knows how to clean up a spill from underneath the ice, in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.”

    Subhankar Banerjee is the editor of a new collection of essays, Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point.

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