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  • Nat Hentoff: “Liz Cheney, Meet Joe McCarthy”

    Nat Hentoff: “Liz Cheney, Meet Joe McCarthy”

    March 16, 2010

    Nat Hentoff, author of The War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance, talks about the recent Liz Cheney/Bill Kristol ad on the "Al-Qaeda Seven", called "Keep America Safe": In angry reaction to the Cheney-Kristol ad, Col. Davis said, "You don't hear anyone refer to John Adams as a turncoat for representing the Brits in the Boston Massacre trial." On March 5, 1770, civilians in a crowd harassing and threatening British troops were fired on, and five were killed. Among the defendants in a subsequent trial was the commander of the troops, Capt. Thomas Preston. At first, no lawyer in Boston would represent Preston or the other defendants on trial in Paul Revere's widely circulated description of this "horrid massacre." An exception was a young lawyer, John Adams, determined that this emerging new nation would be known for its justice under law. Adams interviewed and presented eyewitnesses, and convinced the jury that Preston did not give the order to fire. He was acquitted. As a result, Adams later wrote, he himself had incurred "clamour and prejudices, anxiety and obloquy" that nonetheless prevented a "foul stain upon this country." Had Cheney and Kristol's Keep America Safe been operating at the time, would they have gone after this young lawyer as a disgracefully unpatriotic Tory?

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