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  • Elizabeth Abbott on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair

    Elizabeth Abbott on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair

    May 20, 2011

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a traditional man! His cheating on Maria followed the age-old tradition of the sexual Double Standard that accommodates extramarital sex for husbands by allowing them to have mistresses or concubines. Nobody understood this better than Bill Clinton, who offered this definitive explanation of why he dallied with Monica Lewinski: “Because I could.” And so could and did Schwarzenegger, with Patty Baena as well as, the rumor mill alleges, legions of other women. Like other high-powered, dynamic and powerful men, his sense of entitlement and invulnerability prompted him to do what he wanted, when and with whom he wanted it. Or as Woody Allen, shrugging off vitriolic criticism for having committed adultery with his step-daughter, put it: “The heart wants what the heart wants.”

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