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  • Stephanie McMillan Protests with the Stop OwlCatraz Coalition

    March 18, 2013

    Stephanie McMillan, author of Beginning of the American Fall (Seven Stories Press, 2012), recently took part in and wrote about an important student protest put on by the Stop OwlCatraz Coalition. Angered with a $6 million donation to Florida Atlantic University from GEO Group (an organization which runs more than a hundred for-profit prisons and youth and immigrant detention facilities known for horrible treatment of persons held within their walls) that lead to the school’s stadium being named for them, students, Earth First!ers, an ACLU attorney, FL Immigrant RightsCoalition, and members of the media gathered on February 25th to protest and march on the school President’s office.

    After a sit-in in her office and heated negotiations, the school President, Mary Jane Saunders, agreed to meet with students. Though Saunders scheduled the open meeting for the first day of spring break, over 250 people attended. The final outcome of the talks was that the school intended to keep the money and name the stadium after the donor, despite the students’ concerns.

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  • Hwang Sok-Yong at Defiance: The Spirit of ’89 in New York City

    Hwang Sok-Yong at Defiance: The Spirit of ’89 in New York City

    April 30, 2009

    April 30, 9pm, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette Street, New York City.

    Participants: Eszter Babarczy, Jose Dalisay, Nick Flynn, Sergio Ramírez, Hwang Sok-yong, János Térey, and Paul Verhaeghen. Co-sponsored by the ACLU and Joe’s Pub.

    June 5, 1989: an unidentified man faces down a column of tanks a day after
    hundreds are massacred in Tiananmen Square. It is one of the most enduring images
    from that spring of ferment and rebellion, and an iconic representation of a timeless
    and universal gesture: individual, nonviolent resistance to tyrannical authority. Join
    writers and artists from around the world for an evening of literature celebrating the
    power of one person, one body, one imagination to stand against the state.

    Tickets are $15, $10 to PEN/ACLU members. To purchase, check or call 212.967.7555.

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