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  • TED talk: Sonia Shah on Malaria over 80,000 views

    September 16, 2013

    Sonia Shah’s, author of Crude, Ted Talk on TEDGlobal titled, “Sonia Shah: 3 reasons we still haven’t gotten rid of malaria” had over 80,000 views when it aired this September.

    “We’ve known how to cure malaria since the 1600s, so why does the disease still kill hundreds of thousands every year? It’s more than just a problem of medicine, says journalist Sonia Shah. A look into the history of malaria reveals three big-picture challenges to its eradication.

    Science historian Sonia Shah explores the surprisingly fascinating story behind an ancient scourge: malaria.

    Why you should listen to her

    Aided by economics, culture, its own resilience and that of the insect that carries it (the mosquito), the malaria parasite has determined for thousands of years the health and course not only of human lives, but also of whole civilizations. In her book The Fever, author Sonia Shah outlines the epic and devastating history of malaria and shows how it still infects 500 million people every year, and kills half a million, in a context where economic inequality collides with science and biology.” -TED Talk

    Listen to Shah’s thought provoking talk as she goes in depth into the disease, its effects, and the carriers of the disease.

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