What Makes a Baby: “A story about where we’re from tells us where we are—and where we should be going”

May 7, 2013

What Makes a Baby, on sale May 21st, written by sexuality educator Cory Final Cover.inddSilverberg and illustrated by Fiona Smyth, offers answers to every child’s question about how they came to be— however it is they came to be!

In a recent review by Noah Berlatsky in The Atlantic, Silverberg is praised for “includ[ing] all children, regardless of whether they have a mommy and daddy who had sex, or adopted them, or whether they have two mommies, or two daddies, or (as Silverberg mentioned in the guide) a trans daddy who gave birth to them, or any of a myriad of other possibilities. The book, then, tries not to impose one truth, but rather to open up possibilities and conversations.”

To read the full review, go to The Atlantic online. This truly inclusive explanation of the birds and the bees is available in stores in two weeks!

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