What Does Michael Albert think of Parecomic?

July 12, 2013

Michael Albert is an activist, writer, speaker, and economist known for his involvement in Students for a DemocraticWIlson_Parecomic Society, the anti-Vietnam movement, ZNet and Z Magazine. In their new book, author Sean Michael Wilson and artist Carl Thompson use a graphic form to tell the story of Albert’s life and the birth of participatory economics. What does Michael think about this new book?

“I admit that I was nervous when I finally sat down to read the whole book. But it was just my creaking bones worrying, I guess, because the book is incredibly effective, in my view, at creating a friendly path into the ideas it offers. Sure, one can read longer full text books on the topics to get longer full text renditions. But there is something about seeing the images along with the more succinct text that really does help communicate the ideas. Parecomic is fun to read, but no less informative and, I hope challenging, as a result.”

Read more of Michael’s review on his blog here.

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