The Others reviewed in Modern Tonic

The Others reviewed in Modern Tonic

June 9, 2009

The Others, the debut novel from the pseudonymous Seba al-Herz, was reviewed in Modern Tonic. Modern Tonic is a web magazine that describes itself as follows: “Modern Tonic is put together by a group of friends in the entertainment and media business. We love what we do, and we do what we do because discovering new music, films, tv shows, artists, and websites energizes us. Modern Tonic is an extension of that moment when we find something exceptional and we just have to share it with everyone who will listen.”

We’re of course happy that Modern Tonic has decided to share al-Herz’s exceptional work with its audience. An excerpt from the review:

“I have gotten used to the idea, never challenged, that children do not gain the qualities of their sex until after marriage, when the girls give birth to children and the boys go out to work.” The quote sounds like something out of a Jane Austen tract from 200 years ago, but it is actually the product of present-day author Siba al-Harez. Her debut novel, The Others (out June 1), about a sexually ambiguous college student trying to stay sane in 21st century Saudi Arabia, provides a rare glimpse into lesbian life in an oppressive culture.

One correction to the otherwise excellent review: The Others will be available in stores at the end of August 2009 rather than in June, with copies available from our site toward the end of July. We apologize for the delay—but as Modern Tonic knows, the book is worth the wait.

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