Subhankar Banerjee on Democracy Now “Shell is not prepared for Arctic drilling this summer”

July 20, 2012

Shell has not received the final drilling permits to begin exploratory drilling off the coast of Alaska, which they hope to start next month. Subhankar Banerjee, editor of the new collection of essays, Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point, talks with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now about why the oil company is unprepared to drill in harsh weather conditions and looks at the history of their past false assurances. Environmental groups are challenging Shell’s plans and protests are taking place around the world. Subhankar argues that now is the perfect time to pressure the administration to consider the huge implications that these drilling operations would have on the people, the animals, and the land.

See the entire interview below:

Subhankar Banerjee: Looming Deadline Creates Window for Protests to Stop Shell’s Arctic Drilling

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