Sam Pizzigati’s “Other View”- The Fiscal Cliff… of 1932

January 2, 2013

USA Today featured Sam Pizzigati’s op-ed from the LA Times, alongside the opinions of Matthew Rose (The Wall Street Journal), John Cassidy (The New Yorker), and Paul Krugman (The New York Times), offering an alternative view to the fiscal cliff.

“Is history simply repeating?”, asks Pizzigati. “If so, bring that repeat on, with the same final result. That 1932 fiscal crisis produced an unexpected, and stunning, watershed in U.S. history, the moment when America’s rich and powerful began to lose their lock-grip on the nation’s political pulse.”

To read more on the “Other View”, check out the entire roundup on the USA Today website. To read Pizzigati’s entire article, visit the LA Times website, and check out his new book The Rich Don’t Always Win.

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