Review of Columbus and Other Cannibals

Review of Columbus and Other Cannibals

May 12, 2011

In its March/April issue, The Compendium Newsletter reviews Columbus and Other Cannibals by the late Jack D. Forbes.

“American Indian thinker Jack Forbes founded the Native American Movement in 1961 and this book was one of the founding texts of the anti-civilization movement when it was first published in 1978 with the title A World Ruled by Cannibals. In this revised version Jensen asks “Why is the dominant culture so excruciatingly, relentlessly, insanely, genocidally, ecocidally, suicidally destrucive?” The culture of Columbus and other Europeans, Forbes says, suffer from wetiko (cannibalism) and insanity. It is cannibalistic to feed off others of the same species, even economically and emotionally, and insane to destroy the very planet one inhabits. The intentional commercial exploitation of every conceivable thing, from pubic hair to thirst, is thriving, and Forbes offers some ideas as possible antidotes for the diesase of wetiko.”

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