Report on Ralph Nader’s West Hartford book signing

Report on Ralph Nader’s West Hartford book signing

October 30, 2009

From the Hartford Courant:

Ralph Nader, the first-time novelist, sounds just like Ralph Nader, lawyer, father of the national consumer activist movement and four-time presidential candidate. Here’s some of what a crowd of three dozen heard Thursday afternoon at the Bookworm bookstore when Nader — 75 and a Winsted native — stopped in for an hour on a book tour to talk about his utopian novel, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us.”

Susan Trappe of Enfield arrived early, bought a copy of the book and was eagerly waiting to hear a man she said she admires and believes is right when he calls the nation’s political system a “one-party system.” Also in line with a copy of the novel was Phil Van Voorhis of Westfield, Mass., who decided to attend after hearing Nader on a morning radio program. Voorhis, who said he supported Nader in past presidential runs, thinks public financing of political campaigns would level the playing field and eliminate the influence of corporate money in elections.

. . . “The novel shows a practical utopia,” [Nader] said of the book, which tells the story of 17 very rich Americans banding together to rid the political system of paralyzing lobbyists and money that bend elected officials to the will of big business. Nader’s characters use grass-roots organizing to spark what he calls a progressive, populist movement that changes government.

. . . The Constitution speaks of “We, the people,” not “We, the corporation,” Nader said.

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