Real Common Sense, Now Available in Paperback, tells us how to take back America for the 99%

August 7, 2012

Education reforms: Teach citizenship in our schools.
The Founders believed in a community of citizens, not consumers.We need reforms in our schools to teach citizenship:
Real Common Sense proposes that all children in public school should be asked twice a year to write letters
to folks picked randomly from the phone book, thanking them for helping to pay for their education. 
Real Common Sense proposes that to graduate from high school, every student should be required to pass a comprehensive test on Founding values, the Constitution, and the responsibility of citizenship.
Real Common Sense proposes that after leaving high school, every young American should provide the nation with one year of public service—civilian or military—as a way of thanking the nation for the gift of a
high quality education.  The work would strengthen young people’s sense of citizenship, and the nation’s appreciation of, and commitment to, the youth of America.

Corporate reforms: Corporations

must serve our communities and our nation.
John Adams, 2nd President of the United once stated: “No man, nor corporation…have any ot

her title to obtain advantages or particular or exclusive privileges…than what arises from the consideration of

services rendered to the public.”
Real Common Sense proposes we reform federal law to require all publicly held corporations that do business in the US, in exchange for the special benefits that they receive, conduct their business operations in a manner that furthers the welfare of their employees, the environment, and the American nation.  Each corporation would be required to appoint an ombudsman to monitor the company’s fulfillment of these public interest responsibilities.
Election reforms: Eliminate the money warp.
Abraham Lincoln once stated: “Allow all the governed an equal voice in the government, and that, and that only, is self-government.”
Real Common Sense proposes to level the election playing field by public campaign funding, and free campaign mailings to match the big private dollars that now buy American elections and subvert our

Restoring a Responsible Media:
Thomas Jefferson once stated: “If a nation expects to remain ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects something that never was, and never will be.”
Real Common Sense says that since electronic media is licensed to use the public’s airwaves to generate private profit, it needs to benefit the public. To begin the process of restoring a responsible media, Real Common Sense proposes the creation of the American Values Fund, funded by levying a 5% tax on national media advertising. This $8 billion a year fund would  be distributed to states and communities to fund world-class education programs, public service ads promoting positive personal, family, and community values, and non-profit local news to restore quality reporting destroyed by corporate consolidation.
These and other practical proposals from REAL COMMON SENSE by Brian Kahn are designed to transform the “consumer society” we have become, back to the “society of citizens” that the Founders believed was essential for democracy.


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