Ralph Nader Reader released as a free PDF download

Ralph Nader Reader released as a free PDF download

September 23, 2009

With the release of the Amazon bestseller “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”, people around the country and around the world are about to experience for the first time Ralph Nader’s fictional vision of, in Warren Beatty’s words, “how good he thinks things can be.” To celebrate, Seven Stories Press and Ralph Nader have decided to release an electronic version of Nader’s 2000 nonfiction collection, The Ralph Nader Reader, as a free PDF download.

These essays — from 1959′s classic “The Safe Car You Can’t Buy” to the searing “Cutting Corporate Welfare”, the prescient 1990 article “No More Bailouts!”, and Nader’s speech declaring and explaining his candidacy in the historic 2000 American presidential election — span the first four decades of Ralph Nader’s career as a citizen advocate and an author. Here is the real Ralph Nader: not the media’s “unreasonable man”, but the singular force who for over half a century has consistently fought to make our air cleaner, our cars safer, our access to the media more open and our democracy more inclusive. The Ralph Nader Reader once again brings together his essential writings, tracing the evolution of a legendary activist and consumer advocate from taking on the big car companies to taking on the way we think about and participate in citizen democracy.

Click here to download your PDF copy of The Ralph Nader Reader today.

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