Ralph Nader on Obama at TruthOut

Ralph Nader on Obama at TruthOut

October 14, 2009

From Ralph Nader’s interview on the subject of “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” at Truthout

In addition to describing how the theme of his book can become reality, Nader also offered blistering analyses of President Obama’s job performance thus far and the debate surrounding health care reform. Though I pointed out to Nader that the president has only been in office for eight months (at the time of this interview), he referred to Obama as a “concessionary politician” despite his short time in office.

“He doesn’t like conflict, he doesn’t like taking on the corporate powers – he demonstrated that as senator of Illinois and senator in the US Senate. He is what might be called a concessionary personality, a harmony ideology,” Nader said. “In Washington, you project that from the White House and the shark tank known as the Congress will eat you alive.”

Nader said Obama has “lost huge momentum” in his attempt to overhaul the health care industry, in part because “he’s turned his back on liberals and progressives who elected him. He doesn’t invite them, for the most part, to the White House, but he invites the CEOs of the drug companies, of the auto companies, of the banks, and he bails out these crooks on Wall Street.”

For the rest of the article and interview, please visit TruthOut — and those curious about the book should get their copy of “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” from Seven Stories Press.

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