Ralph Nader interviewed in the Miami Herald

Ralph Nader interviewed in the Miami Herald

November 17, 2009

On Saturday, November 14, an interview with Ralph Nader appeared in the Miami Herald. Among the topics covered were Nader’s first work of fiction, what Nader feels his legacy in America will one day be, and an answer to the question begged by the book’s title:

Herald: Can America save itself without the super-rich, in other words, without the kind of power money buys in our society?

Nader: The super-rich in this case are enlightened, older [people], which reduces the percentage of potential advocates from that group of wealthy people quite dramatically. I carefully selected them. What they provide are resources, a catalyst and a shoehorn and the ability to provide opportunities for tens of thousands of people to improve their country. You can’t have organizers unless they can feed themselves; you can’t have them go around the country without transportation, communication, housing, etc. What the super-rich in this book do is fill that last equation which is money and media. I think we have a lot of people in this country who want to work for the same kinds of changes, roughly, — in fairness, equity for workers, taxpayers, consumers — but there is no money to fund them.

For the rest of the interview, see the Miami Herald — and for more of Ralph Nader’s vision for successful citizen action by the super-rich in America, take a look at “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” from Seven Stories Press.

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