R.A.G.E. reviews Deep Green Resistance: the book

R.A.G.E. reviews Deep Green Resistance: the book

June 17, 2011

From the website:

Winning is the only option there is. Losing means no Earth. Without her there is no life, none, zero, zip. Most of the movements, environmental groups and climate action groups, except Indigenous ones that are based on their traditional values, pay at best lip service to the idea that Earth is a living being. Deep Green Resistance takes “Earth is a living being” as a given and goes on to says that every living being’s life is as valuable to them as our lives are to us.

There is a disease that is presently worshiped by the dominant culture: the wihtikow disease (wétiko as some know it). I have written of it, Derrick Jensen writes extensively about it in Songs of the Dead, and Jack Forbes, the originator of the concept, explains it in great detail in Columbus and other Cannibals. It has infected almost everyone in the world. Only the most remote of communities have not been.

This disease must, if we are to have any viable future, be eradicated. At one time there were very severe penalties for greed and selfishness now they are hailed and wise actions. We must fight it in ourselves and all around us.

DGR is a process and movement in that direction.

We do not have time for the organic or amazing revelations to come into being because the disease does not allow it. The disease keeps the greed to the forefront of the minds of the zombies making them afraid to be free humans again. To love Earth, our bodies and all being we share life with, is like water to one with rabies for the wihtikowak (wétikos). This is not an easy path, as the rabid dog attacks of self proclaimed anarchists and other groups has proven. The wihtikowak will hates us and despise us and worst. We will need to be strong and compassionate for and with ourselves. We need to support one another.

To me, Deep Green Resistance gives us all this opportunity together come as community or . . . work together in common cause to protect Earth and stop the culture of the wihtikowak. The line “resist as if your life depends on it” is not a metaphor.

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