Project Censored: Pillars of Journalistic Courage

July 29, 2014

Do you know how Seven Stories Press got its name?  The seven “stories” are seven authors, those whose work lies at the core of our identity as a press, perennially informing our unique publishing mission.  They’re seven authors we continue to read, publish, treasure, and marvel at.  Here’s who they are:

1) Octavia Butler
2) Nelson Algren
3) Annie Ernaux
4) Gary Null
5) Charley Rosen
6) Vassilis Vassilikos
7) Project Censored


If you know these names, you know we’ve chosen our affiliations carefully, and been lucky to work with writers of ramifying imagination, inspiring commitment, and impressive stature.  But for all of this, there’s only one name on this list that’s turned out a hotly-anticipated book each of the past twenty years.

People of earth, meet Project Censored.

Founded in 1976 at Sonoma State University, Project Censored is a journalistic initiative that monitors which stories the American news media runs with, and which it kills.  Since 1994, Seven Stories has proudly published Censored, an annual anthology of vital stories that the mainstream media overlooks or suppresses, as well as crucial statistical and editorial analysis of why.


Project Censored has been praised by luminaries including Walter Cronkite (“one of the organizations that we should listen to,”) Amy Goodman (“helping to build the media democracy movement,”) I.F. Stone (“one of the most significant media research projects in the country,”) and Mark Crispin Miller (“not just among the bravest, smartest, and most rigorous of those outlets [that labor to report the truth], but the only one that’s wholly focused on those stories that the corporate press ignores, downplays, and/or distorts.”)

We’re all tremendously excited for Censored 2015, the next installment in the series, forthcoming on October 7, which features an introduction by Ralph Nader and illustrations by Khalil Bendib.

We’re also tremendously excited by the news that, at this year’s Whistleblower Summit in DC, Project Censored will be honored with a Pillar Award for New Media and Journalism.  The Pillar is a major award given annually to persons of conscience, conviction, and achievement who stand up for what’s right and what’s true in the face of corporate and political intimidation.

The awards ceremony will be part of the summit’s Civil Rights Day on Thursday, July 31.  It’s open to the public — if you’re in or near DC, please RSVP here.

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