Project Censored celebrates the launch of Censored 2013

November 15, 2012

Contributors to the latest volume of Project Censored’s annual publication of the top 25 underreported news stories, Censored 2013: Dispatches From the Media Revolution celebrated the launch at Moe’s Books in Berkeley on Saturday, November 3rd.

At the launch party were Censored 2013 editors/contributors Andy Lee Roth and Mickey Huff;  contributors Tara Dorabji on Kashmir; Angel Ryono on Iraqi refugees, Victoria Pacchiana-Rojas on Banned Books Week; Kenn Burrows on the Creative Tension of the Emerging Future; PC intern Mike Kolbe on Junk Food News; Almerindo Ojeda on dry boarding and GuantanamoSpeak; Susan Rahman and Liliana Valdez-Madera on women/gender and race/ethnicity; Adam Bessie on corportization of education, Anthony Fest and Arlene Engelhardt from KPFA/Pacifica radio and Media Freedom Foundation President Peter Phillips.

Photo by Tara Dorabji.

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