Martha Long- “like the fuse burning up and the dynamite going off”

January 2, 2013

The New York Journal of Books calls Martha Long’s Ma, He Sold me for a few Cigarettesa difficult, painful, and at times almost unbearable read. Yet this memoir should be widely read and discussed“. Her harrowing tale is noted for its pure honesty and its heartbreak, but maybe more importantly, its testament to one little girls determination to survive.

“At almost 500 pages, this devastating memoir propels readers to the end by implicitly posing one burning question: How did Martha Long survive such unimaginable betrayal, injury, and suffering? The answer is like the fuse burning up and the dynamite going off: Despite the agony, survivors know at the deepest level within their souls that they were born to live out better destinies.”

To read the entire review, by Ethel Rohan, visit the New York Journal of Books.

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