Linh Dinh poems at Bookslut

Linh Dinh poems at Bookslut

February 5, 2010

Bookslut has just reprinted three poems from Some Kind of Cheese Orgy, the most recent poetry collection from Linh Dinh, author of Blood and Soap, Fake House, and the forthcoming Love Like Hate. Check them out here.

I Owe You These Lines

Welcome, friend, I give you
My very best friend, to eat.
I did not kill my best friend, friend,
Although I did rejoice at his death,
As I would rejoice at your death,
As you would, no doubt, fall over
Laughing at news of my demise.
With the sharpest or dullest knife,
Whatever’s handy, I’ll point the tip
Of my blade at your jugular vein,
Observe your jiggling jaw, ask
About your questionable taste
In wine, painting and poetry.
Fall is my favorite season, I somberly reflect,
As your blood pools in the sharp morning air,
As I incise a clean cross on your funny belly,
As I gut you, glancing over my thin shoulders. —Linh Dinh

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