Kickstarter activism: Send Ted Rall back to Afghanistan!

Kickstarter activism: Send Ted Rall back to Afghanistan!

March 23, 2010

In 2001, in the wake of September 11, Ted Rall — editorial cartoonist of brilliance and author of the upcoming Seven Stories Press title The Anti-American Manifesto — went to Afghanistan to tell the story of the US invasion from the inside — and to tell it as an independent journalist, refusing the protections “embedded reporters” receive from the US military and relying on savvy and bribes underwritten by the Village Voice to get by. Rall, long a student of Afghan history, was uniquely suited for the job, using his knowledge of the region to travel to the places other journalists would never think to go, and in the end producing the graphic travelogue To Afghanistan and Back, published in 2002 (as well as the article “How We Lost The Afghan War,” published in December 2001.)

Now, Ted Rall intends to return to Afghanistan — again, as an independent journalist — to tell the story of what has become of the region between 2001 and today, after eight and a half years of American war. But this time, no newspaper or magazine is willing to cover the cost of his traveling directly into a war zone — so Rall has asked his readers, through Kickstarter, to make the project possible.

Immediate rewards for the backers scale up from access to a blog with information and updates about the project as it takes shape ($10 investment) to dinner and drinks with Ted Rall anywhere in the continental United States ($10,000 investment.)

There are only twelve days to go, as of Tuesday, March 23: help Ted tell the story of Afghanistan in the way that only he can tell it. And, for more information on Ted Rall’s other most dangerous project for 2010, see our page on his upcoming Anti-American Manifesto, due out in September.

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