Kalle Lasn, says in new book Meme Wars: “If we don’t start fighting for a different kind of future, then we’re not going to have a future.”

December 14, 2012

Kalle Lasn has been getting loads of attention in the past year as the instigator of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which he and his team at Adbusters branded, visualized, and pushed into the world, creating the spark that has since become a national movement and ideology.

Lasn has long been convinced that another way to shift away from our destructive economic climate is to change the way economics is taught in schools, to bring alternative ideas into traditional economics programs and allow students to innovate and breath fresh life into ways of thinking about the struggles facing the world economy.

In a detailed interview with Nicole Powers on Suicide Girls, Lasn talks about the impact he hopes his new book, Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics, will have on the way economics is taught and eventually the way that world economic policy is thought about.

Says Kalle Lasn, “In our brainstorming sessions here at Adbusters, the only way we could think of shifting the paradigm would be to use the power of students because students have a long history of challenging their leaders and being the original catalysts for revolutions and huge, big shifts that causes and societies go through…They know, young people today are basically inheriting a future that doesn’t compute. The core impulse behind the Occupy movement was this feeling among hundreds of millions of young people around the world that the future doesn’t compute and we have to stand up and fight for a different kind of a future. But we never quite figured out exactly what to do about it, besides talking to each other and somehow inspiring the world. But now I think this idea of shifting the global economic paradigm, this is a wonderful project to cue into. If we can shift that paradigm it actually would make a huge, huge difference.”

Read the entire interview here.

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