John Talbott on C-SPAN’s BookTV

John Talbott on C-SPAN’s BookTV

June 16, 2009

Still on the fence about whether or not criminal wrongdoing caused the financial crisis? It’s probably because you haven’t yet heard John Talbott, author of The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street, explain the fundamentals of the crisis—and of the hard choices America will face, going forward.

Fortunately, for those who haven’t had the opportunity to hear John Talbott speak on the crisis, the tape of his appearance at the midtown Barnes and Noble in New York City will be airing on C-SPAN’s BookTv on Sunday, June 21st at 2pm and on Monday, June 22nd at 1am (both ET.)

For a full listing of upcoming airdates, visit C-SPAN’s site here.

Tune in to hear John’s nuanced Q&A session, covering everything from asset rating agencies to foreign currency exchange markets to what young people can do to educate themselves about the financial crisis in progress—and what they can do to help stop it. (A free insider tip: one good way to get up to speed on the causes of the crisis is to go right to the source: The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street, by John Talbott.)

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