Joel Berg Writes on Why SNAP is Part of the Farm Bill

July 9, 2013

On June 28, featured an adaptation from Joel Berg’s book All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America? In this article, published in the website’s “Perspectives” section, Berg walks his readers through a condensed and accessible history of how food aid has been tied to farm aid dating back to the Great Depression.


Berg notes that in the present moment House Republicans are pushing to separate SNAP from the Farm Bill (two systems that have worked in tangent for decades) in order to make it easier to make cuts.

Berg disagrees with this potential move, and argues instead that farm bills should be considered food bills, with SNAP a continuing part of them. “Food producers and consumers are mutually dependent upon each other,” he says. “When so many Americans are low-income and hungry or food insecure, that limits the amount of money they can spend on food, thus limiting income for food producers. When producers can’t afford to stay on their land or face environmental threats, it threatens the availability of nutritious, fresh food for New York consumers. A true food bill would aid hungry Americans and small family farmers alike.”

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