In Memory of Our Friend Don Farber

August 1, 2016


Don Farber’s bow tie intimidated me the first time I met him, probably in the late ’80s or early ’90s. Once I got past the bow tie I discovered a great human being, possibly one of the single greatest human beings to grace this earth. He wrote one of the essential textbooks on media law and intellectual property, and yet when negotiating for his most important client Kurt Vonnegut or any other client, he never went by the book, always guided by the sure North Star of his heart. Which is why so many of the seeds he planted or tended grew into strong trees and bore fruit, including our own Seven Stories. He believed in people and in art—in that order. People first. At his 90th birthday a few years back he told many jokes, mostly about himself and his own eccentric behavior. The implicit and I’m sure unintended message was that eccentric behavior will work out beautifully when it starts from the right place. His marriage to Annie and the family they made is the best example. What a splendid creation. The world is poorer now but for Don’s spirit living on in all of us lucky enough to know him. Sorrow joins our gladness, sorrow to lose him, gladness for having known him so long.—Dan Simon

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