Howard Zinn interviewed on AlterNet

Howard Zinn interviewed on AlterNet

March 13, 2009

Liliana Segura from Alternet recently spoke to Howard Zinn about the Voices of a People’s History performances he helped to conceive—and about his belief that the Obama administration will require “demonstrations and protest and letters and petitions” in order to be a true force for change.

Zinn on the Obama administration: “He’s going to have to face the kind of agitation that Roosevelt faced when he came into office.”

Zinn on the promise of a national movement for radical change in America: “We haven’t reached that level of action and organization and protest that we had in the 1960s, but as I go around the country I do see everywhere, there’s a nucleus of a larger movement… in every community I’ve been in there have been organizations and people who are active and doing things. So I’m hopeful, yes.”

Zinn on Voices of a People’s History: “We had our first public reading of these documents … my publishers at Harper Collins wanted to celebrate a million copies sold, and they wanted to do it by putting some historians on stage. And I said, no, please, don’t do that. Let’s have real history on the stage, presented by actors who will dramatize documents—and not the usual documents.”

Read the full article at AlterNet here. For more information on the Voices of a People’s History performance group, check their website here. For information on the Seven Stories Press/Voices of a People’s History sponsored performance at the 92nd Street Y in May, check our events page here.

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