Happy Birthday John Lennon!

October 9, 2013


Today marks what would have been John Lennon’s 73rd birthday!

This inspirational singer and peace-loving leader brought so much positive energy to New York when he moved here in 1971. His love affair with New York was well recorded and the openness with which he approached the city and its 70s radical subculture is something I always enjoy reading about.

This December we’re publishing THE WALRUS AND THE ELEPHANTS: JOHN LENNON’S YEARS OF REVOLUTION, by journalist Jim Mitchell, that looks closely at Lennon’s first years in New York, when he embraced the city and transformed from a young pop icon into a revolutionary figure speaking out for social causes and against the Vietnam War.

Told by a cast of friends and fellow travelers who saw the man behind the Beatle, The Walrus and the Elephants portrays the legendary Greenwich Village, the heart of Manhattan’s counterculture of the 1970s, as a gritty and colorful center of music, art, and radical politics. For Lennon, it was the beginning of an artistic journey, post-Beatlemania, and a time for making music for the revolution with his new politically charged rock and roll band The Elephant’s Memory, a down-and-dirty street band perfectly aligned with Lennon’s radical values. 

Based entirely on new interviews and research, this is the first book about John Lennon to show how his emergence as a solo artist, his embrace of radical politics and feminism, and his love affair with New York City coincided. Exclusive interviews with Gloria Steinem, congressional black caucus cofounder Ron Dellums, ‘Chicago Seven’ veteran Rennie Davis, counterculture icon Paul Krassner, and legendary poet-activist John Sinclair reveal the thoughtful, generous, and politically engaged side of one of the world’s most legendary artists.

Check out an excerpt from The Walrus and the Elephants on Issuu.

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