Halting the Clinton Dynasty; or, Thunderdome 2016

June 30, 2016


“People should and do trust me.”—Hillary Clinton

The marathon that is the presidential political campaign is coming to an end, and things are getting real uncomfortable. Information and insults are being thrown from every direction and it’s difficult to know what sources to trust to provide the truth on who the political candidates are and what they stand for.

Well, if you enjoyed Ted Rall’s Bernie and Snowden graphic biographies (psst he’s got a new one coming out soon), or believe anything Noam Chomsky has written, or are interested in preventing a real life version of The Hunger Games, you should seriously read Doug Henwood’s My Turn.

Henwood’s new book is concise, fact-based, and meant to get people talking; it is not about Bernie Sanders, not about Donald Trump, and not about misogynistic rants. Instead, Henwood goes point by point through Hillary’s personal and political history to illustrate how she is not the candidate she claims to be.

“I [also] want to make clear from the first that Hillary is not The Problem. (I should say, because most truths are not self-evident, that all the misogynist attacks on her are grotesque.) By all orthodox measure she is a highly intelligent and informed senior member of the political class. That is the problem. Hillary is a symptom of a deep sickness in the American political system…”

Despite the troubling evidence of Hillary’s questionable political actions (for example), news outlets such as CNN (aka Clinton News Network) present her as the Democratic agent for change, and Henwood is not having it. In simple terms, he’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore (that’s a Network reference, watch it). My Turn is a direct attack on the Hillary administration, on her hawkish character, and on a history of twisted politics.

Hillary is indeed a capable politician, but it cannot be ignored that her actions are secretive, so much so that they require government investigation (oh yeah, that’s still a thing). It begs the question: how can we trust you to represent the people, when you don’t trust the people? In the current battle of the sexes that is Trump vs. Hillary, it would appear voters are between a rock and a hard place. We get it, Trump is the worst, but any candidate whose actions and political history need to be explained, excused and/or defended from the start of a campaign probably shouldn’t be a viable candidate for the presidency.

This is the point in the conversation where someone often interjects, ‘So you want Trump to win?’—a question that serves as more of a threat than a genuine inquiry into political allegiances. From Henwood’s perspective, no, we don’t want Trump, we don’t want Hillary, we want better options. Anti-Hillary does not mean pro-Trump, and as a presidential candidate Hillary should be judged independently of her opponents. As Henwood states, “intervention from the top won’t change things.” Hillary supporters are consolidated behind the #ImwithHer #Herstory campaign (as are the mega-corporations who donate to her cause), but for those who are on the fence, Henwood lays out in clear and simple terms the factual evidence which many publications can confirm.

Whatever your political beliefs, you are entitled to the truth, not the filtered truth as presented by a platform with an agenda. Doug Henwood does not trust Hillary, and his book shows little reason why he or the rest of America should.

—Azzuré Alexander


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