Gary Null calls for action against Monsanto-friendly food safety bill

Gary Null calls for action against Monsanto-friendly food safety bill

March 25, 2009

What could be wrong with a bill requiring greater oversight of food production and greater enforcement of food safety regulations in the United States? According to women’s health advocate, nutritionist and Seven Stories author Gary Null, there’s one major problem with HR 875 (or the “Food Safety Modernization Act”): it’s the first step toward placing America’s food supply firmly under the control of GM food-producing corporations.

Null’s source on this information is op-ed writer and Monsanto/GMO watchdog Linn Cohen-Cole, some of whose op-editorial work on reporting GM food issues is collected at OpEdNews.) Linn Cohen-Cole’s point-by-point legal analysis of HR 875 can be found both at OpEdNews and on Gary Null’s site.

From Cohen-Cole’s article:

Understanding parts of the bill at times depends on smelling smoke as you read it. Here in the US, we still have only smoke … an Ohio state ag department SWAT team raid on an organic coop, Pennsylvania ag department raids on horse and buggy Mennonites, California setting coliform levels so low fresh milk dairy farmers would need cows that produced pasteurized milk right out the udder, arrest and handcuffing of a single mother in front of her children for selling goat milk, the USDA paying its agents bonuses for foreclosing on farms, … But in the EU where 60% of the Polish farmers are now gone because of identical bills enacted into law there, and 60 UK farmers have committed suicide, there is fire. And in Iraq, where they have been rendered helpless serfs by the theft of their country’s seeds and criminalization of farmers’ collection of their own seed, it is roaring. And in India where 182,000 farmers have committed suicide since the WTO and IMF got hold of agriculture and our Big Ag firms went in there, and 8 million farmers have left the land, it is out of control.

Gary Null smells the smoke and has called for help to fight the fire. The Monday episode of Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network program, The Gary Null Show, is dedicated to the topic of HR 875, and Null’s website has issued a call to action, including full contact information and email addresses for the sponsors of the bill—and their connections to the Monsanto corporation. Take a look at the text of the bill, take a look at the analysis, and get involved.

(And what does Null propose as an alternative to GM foods and backdoor attempts to control American agriculture? Take a look at Null’s books with Seven Stories for some answers.)

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