Focus on the Family podcast condemns 10,000 Dresses

Focus on the Family podcast condemns 10,000 Dresses

March 11, 2009

In their daily podcast, “Family News In Focus”, Focus on the Family came out against the American Library Association’s Rainbow List in general, and in particular against Marcus Ewert and Rex Ray’s 10,000 Dresses, “featuring a cross-dressing little boy,” in the words of the FotF correspondent.

“I think it’s … inappropriate for them to usurp parental rights by trying to teach these young children basic principles of sexuality and gender identity—maybe even before the parents believe that the children are of an age where that would be appropriate,” says Randy Thomas, quoted in the podcast. Randy is the executive president of Exodus International, which promises “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ.”

Listen at, or directly from the original podcast at Focus on the Family. Or, if you’ve already had your three square meals of hypocrisy for the day, you could read this ecstatic review from the School Library Journal instead:

If there is room on a library’s shelves for books for kids who want to be pilots, want to be gymnasts, and want to be president, how much more specialized is it to carry a book where kids want to wear dresses? Particularly boy-type kids? A need has now been filled. … I had a graduate student come up to my reference desk the other day asking for picture books where the characters acted out non-traditional gender roles … the book I most wanted to show off was 10,000 Dresses.

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